OFFICIAL #F1 Report: Lotus F1 - Test Report, Barcelona - Day 4 28/02/2010 5:05pm
    2010 February 28
    Branding for Toro Rosso, The New Car - STR5 Image © Toro Rosso - 17th Feb 2010 -

    2010: Barcelona Test - Circuit de Catalunya - F1 - 2010 - Circuit de Catalunya - Barcelona Test

    OFFICIAL #F1 Report: Toro Rosso - Test Report, Barcelona - Day 4

    ALGUERSUARI 3305 kms + BUEMI 2441 kms = 5746 Total Kilometres completed in pre- season testing*

    Circuit: Circuit de Catalunya - 4.655 kms
    Driver: Sebastien Buemi
    Chassis: STR5 - 02
    Best time: 1:22.135, 88 laps

    Sebastien Buemi: "I am pleased with my two days here in Barcelona. Today, we concentrated on doing a scan of various mechanical set-up options as well as some aero work. Overall, I think we are in good shape and now I’m looking forward to the first race to see where we stand compared to everyone else."

    Franz Tost: "Just two weeks from today, we will be racing in the Bahrain Grand Prix. It will be Scuderia Toro Rosso’s first ever race with a car designed totally in-house. Thanks to an intensive and effective programme through 2009 and the enormous efforts of all our staff and suppliers we were able to get our car out on schedule and I want to thank them for a job well done. Because the car was ready on time, we have made the most of the 15 days of testing, during which STR5 has enjoyed excellent reliability. We therefore managed to complete a very respectable mileage with both our drivers, despite the bad weather at the two Jerez tests.

    It was also important that both Jaime and Sebastien completed a full race simulation here in Barcelona. It means we can arrive at the Sakhir circuit reasonably confident as far as reliability goes. We have also seen that our two relatively inexperienced drivers have learned a lot from these test days and that they have been diligent over the winter in their physical preparation. Never before, in its five year history has Scuderia Toro Rosso gone into a season so well prepared. It just leaves the big question - how fast will we be? And the answer to that will have to wait at least until after qualifying and the race in Bahrain."

    *Buemi had one more day of testing than Alguersuari, but our Catalan driver got more dry running, which explains the difference in kilometres completed.

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