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    Points of Note in this article... Unfortunately, today's race was over before it got going for both drivers.
    OFFICIAL #F1 Report: Pirelli - Italy GP Race 12/09/2021 5:05pm
    2021 September 12
    Branding for Scuderia Alpha Tauri, Italian Grand Prix, Friday, Part 1 Image © Alpha Tauri - 11th Sep 2021 -

    2021: Italian Grand Prix - Monza - F1 - 2021 - Monza - Italian Grand Prix

    OFFICIAL #F1 Report: Alpha Tauri - Italy GP Race

    12th September 2021. R14 ITALIAN GRAND PRIX.

    Pierre Gasly (AT02-05, Car 10)
    Race: Pos. DNF

    "We had a brilliant start to the weekend, with another strong Qualifying performance, but then after yesterday's Sprint Qualifying it's all been very disappointing. We knew there was something wrong in the initial laps, but we weren't able to get it fixed before the race. We don't know the exact issue yet but unfortunately, we had to retire the car. It's our home race so it's hard to lose both cars here today. We know that the performance of the car is there, so we need to just work hard and prepare for the next race."


    Yuki Tsunoda (AT02-06, Car 22)
    Race: Pos. DNS

    "On the lap to the grid we found a mechanical issue with the car. We tried to fix this on the grid, but it wasn't possible, so we brought the car back into the garage to try and sort it ahead of the race. My mechanics did a great job trying to get it fixed, but unfortunately I wasn't able to start. It's tough not to get more laps and experience in this car, but we need to turn the page and my full focus will now be on Russia."


    Jody Egginton (Technical Director)

    "Unfortunately, today's race was over before it got going for both drivers. Yuki reported a braking issue on his laps to grid which, as hard as the guys tried, could not be resolved, forcing his retirement. Then, a system issue identified with Pierre's car early on meant we had to retire that car also. Frustratingly, we have not been able to turn the strong performance shown by Pierre on Friday into points here. Likewise, Yuki has not been able to get further important race mileage and experience under his belt, as such we have not been able to take the fight to our closest competitors. However, the package has again shown itself to be competitive and everyone will be pushing to ensure we carry this into the next races, with the focus on recovering ground to our closest competitors."

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    #F1 News: Italy GP - Sprint Race Result 12/09/2021 7:07am

    #F1 News: Italy GP - Sprint Race Result

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