#F1 News: F1 racing ahead with $3bn floatation plans 26/04/2012 10:10am
    2012 April 25
    Branding for Force India F1, 2012 Bahrain GP, Friday. Image © Force India - 20th Apr 2012 -

    2012: Gulf Air, Bahrain Grand Prix - Sakhir - F1 - 2012 - Sakhir - Gulf Air, Bahrain Grand Prix

    #F1 News: Force India sat out practice to save money?

    Apr.25 (GMM) Another theory about Force India's absence from a practice session in Bahrain last weekend has emerged.

    Word has it the Silverstone based team sat out the second session on Friday because staff were spooked by a Molotov cocktail incident and didn't want to be returning to their hotels in darkness.

    Officially, Force India said the decision to skip a practice session was for "logistical reasons".

    "None of the other teams seem to have a problem," said Bernie Ecclestone last weekend. "Maybe (it's) nothing to do with being in this country, maybe it's something else."

    An event summary by Germany's Auto Motor und Sport said: "There are rumours that Force India wanted to save its engines because they are short on cash."

    The team's Bahrain crisis was handled by deputy chief Bob Fernley, in the absence of owner and principal Vijay Mallya.

    Indeed, Indian Mallya does seem to have bigger problems, with the latest reports indicating he is considering selling 26 per cent of his flagship spirits company in order to rescue his dying airline Kingfisher.

    A spokesman for JM Financial, representing Mallya, dismissed the suggestion as "factually incorrect and speculative".

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