#F1 News: HRT only team to miss Mugello test 25/04/2012 3:03pm
    2012 April 25
    Branding for Mercedes AMG F1, 2012 Bahrain GP, Friday. Image © Mercedes AMG F1 - 20th Apr 2012 -

    2012: Gulf Air, Bahrain Grand Prix - Sakhir - F1 - 2012 - Sakhir - Gulf Air, Bahrain Grand Prix

    #F1 News: Haug disagrees with Schumacher's Pirelli blast

    Apr.25 (GMM) He does not agree with the seven time world champion, but Norbert Haug insists he can understand Michael Schumacher's criticism of the current generation of Pirelli tyre.

    Mercedes driver Schumacher slammed F1's official supplier after last Sunday's Bahrain grand prix, saying the 2012 tyres degrade so quickly that they are not good enough for the pinnacle of motor racing.

    "We drive around like the safety car. It is not a satisfying situation," he said.

    Schumacher's boss Haug, however, does not fully agree, insisting Pirelli has contributed to a "very great competition" in 2012 featuring "very good races".

    "Of course, for a driver, there is always a certain frustration when you think you could be going faster, but you are having to be careful," Haug told German reporters including Sport1.

    "That's just the nature of the racer," he added.

    Haug said Schumacher's comments also prove that Mercedes does not muzzle its drivers, who may freely express their personal opinions.

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    #F1 News: Massa 'good' driver in 'very bad' Ferrari 25/04/2012 3:03pm

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