#F1 News: Lotus backs Sauber over budget cap proposal 14/04/2012 8:08am
    2012 April 14
    Branding for Hispania Racing, 2012 Chinese GP, Friday. Image © Hispania F1 - 13th Apr 2012 -

    2012: Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix - Kuala Lumpur - F1 - 2012 - Kuala Lumpur - Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix

    #F1 News: Karthikeyan denies apologising to Vettel

    Apr.14 (GMM) Narain Karthikeyan has firmly denied world champion Sebastian Vettel's claim he apologised for their recent clash in Malaysia.

    After being shown the middle finger by Germany's top driver, and called a "cucumber" and "idiot", Indian backmarker Karthikeyan sat down for a lengthy interview with the major daily Bild-Zeitung.

    "What?" Karthikeyan gasped when told Vettel had told reporters he had been apologised to.

    "We happened to meet here outside of the paddock and we talked about it. But it was a normal racing incident, so why should I apologise?"

    Karthikeyan was also asked about Vettel's insults, and the television footage that depicted the Red Bull driver showing him the middle finger -- twice.

    "As a driver you always need to have respect. I saw it (the middle finger) later on TV. But I'm used to it in India. It's not nice but we all have emotions.

    "Cucumber? I don't know that as an insult.

    "It's all ok now and I hope it will be for the rest of the season. There is no bad blood," he insisted.

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