OFFICIAL #F1 Report: Pirelli - 2011 Young Driver Test - DAY 3 17/11/2011 5:05pm
    2011 November 17
    Branding for Lotus Renault, 2011 Young Driver Test, Abu Dhabi. Image © Renault - 17th Nov 2011 -

    2011: Young Drivers' Test - Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi - F1 - 2011 - Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi - Young Drivers' Test

    OFFICIAL #F1 Report: Renault F1 - 2011 Young Driver Test - DAY 3

    Jan Charouz clocks up the miles...

    Jan Charouz has completed a good days’ testing, covering 455km in the Lotus Renault R31.

    Driver: Jan Charouz (Czech, 24)
    Chassis: R31-04
    Fastest Lap: 1:44.470
    Position: P10
    Total laps: 82

    What we learned today:
    ¤ The main target of the day was for Jan to grow in confidence behind the wheel and for him to trial the different tyre compounds.
    ¤ Jan covered a total of 82 laps, summing up a total of 455.4 kilometres, finishing in 10th position with a time of 1’44.470.
    ¤ We did a lot of laps today and Jan’s feedback was good.


    Jan: "I really enjoyed the day. The main priority was to try some new parts and to experience some different tyres and we managed to do that. We did a lot of laps which was really good for me. I’m happy that the team trusts me to do the development work with them, so that’s what we did for most of the morning. In the afternoon we did some quicker laps but I didn’t manage to do the lap times I wanted to do. I have to improve myself but otherwise I was consistent in the long run and I’m really happy Lotus Renault GP gave me the opportunity to do this test. It is not the first time I have driven an F1 car and I really like using the DRS and KERS. It is really nice to use these - I really enjoyed today."


    Alan Permane’s technical programme notes
    ¤ The program scheduled for Jan Charouz was orientated towards data acquisition and then tyre work.
    ¤ Jan spent the morning with a huge amount of data acquisition equipment fitted to the car and went through a range of tests for us - firstly to learn more about the tyres and secondly to learn more about the aerodynamics, both of which are areas we are exploring for next year’s car development.
    ¤ In the afternoon, Jan spent some time getting used to the R31 and the systems and completed a long run on the new 2012 Pirelli tyre. Jan also completed several procedural tests with starts and pit stops.

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