#F1 News: FOTA votes against KERS for 2010 08/06/2009 3:03am
    2009 June 08
    Branding for Force India F1, Monaco GP Image © Force India - 28th May 2009 -

    2009: ING Turkish Grand Prix - Istanbul - F1 - 2009 - Istanbul - ING Turkish Grand Prix

    #F1 News: Force India not yet expelled from FOTA

    Jun.7 (GMM) Force India's drivers were not invited to the FOTA meeting on Sunday, but boss Vijay Mallya says his team has not yet been formally suspended by the group.

    Williams were expelled from the teams' body after signing up unconditionally to the 2010 world championship, and it emerged that Force India lodged similar paperwork prior to the Turkish GP weekend.

    "At this stage I can't say anything," the Indian billionaire told Auto Motor und Sport when asked if FOTA has suspended Force India. "I haven't talked with FOTA yet."

    Mallya said he was obliged to enter the FIA championship upon advice from the team's lawyers, with "bank guarantees" needing to be secured against definite revenue.

    The carmakers have signed a $50m pledge to stay united under the FOTA banner, and Ross Brawn said his Brackley based team is remaining loyal.

    "I owe the existence of this team to FOTA. Without the help of McLaren and Mercedes, we would not be here," he said.

    But Brawn expressed anxiety at the ongoing conflict with the FIA, insisting that the uncertainty is making negotiations with sponsors "impossible".

    "What can you say to people who are interested, if no one knows what is going to happen next?" he said.

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